Beauty Products To Include In Your Nighttime Skincare Regimen

If you want to have amazing-looking skin, there are a few things you need to do before going to bed each night. Aside from ensuring that your face is clean before hitting the sack, it is advisable that you follow a skincare routine that will help your skin rejuvenate better. Since new skin cells actually grow at a faster rate when you’re asleep, it is a good idea to use beauty products that can help your skin make the most of the beauty rest.

The goal is not only to take a rest from day-to-day exposure to pollution, sun exposure, and stress, but also to repair and improve the skin while you sleep. Here are some products that can help put a stop to premature skin aging and work wonders for your skin while you snooze.

Facial cleanser – It is common knowledge that sleeping with your make-up on clogs your pores and makes you prone to breakouts. Plain soap and water may remove surface dirt and make-up, but if you really want to remove that gunk from your face and to let your pores breathe, you need to use a good facial cleanser. Choose a cleanser that is ideal for your skin type. For instance, cleansers with salicylic acid is great for oily skin, while a creamy hydrating cleanser is ideal for dry skin.

Moisturizer – Another product that you should always include in your nighttime skincare routine is one that hydrates your skin while you sleep. Pick a moisturizer that is also ideal for your skin type and apply it to your clean skin before you go to bed. Make sure to use just enough of the product, particularly if you are using a cream or oil-based product. Don’t apply too much moisturizer so that your skin can still breathe through the night.

Wrinkle prevention – It is never too early to prevent wrinkles from appearing on your face. It’s also a good thing that there are a lot of products out there that can help you stop these signs of aging from becoming really pronounced prematurely. Wrinkle-care products should also be considered when you are someone who laughs and smiles a lot since these actions can bring about crow’s feet and laugh lines on your face. Rather than stop smiling or having fun, you should try products that work while you sleep. Korean beauty brand Mizon has a wrinkle sleeping pack that has snail filtrate as the special component to help do just that. It hydrates your skin and stops those fine lines by increasing elasticity while you sleep.

Under-eye cream – Another problem area that you need to focus on when you’re about to go to bed is the spot under your eyes. You need to get rid of puffiness and dryness if you want youthful-looking eyes. An under-eye cream that hydrates, reduces inflammation, and rebuilds collagen is the right product for this. Creams and serums with snail mucin will actually work well here as well, since these not only hydrate the area under the eyes but also get rid of sagginess and fine lines. Just make sure to apply this last in your nighttime regimen.

Some women use more than just these products for their nightly skincare routines, with some also exfoliating before hydrating, while others use micro-peel serums to remove dead skin from their face and neck before proceeding to apply other products. What you do is actually dependent on your skin type and your individual preference, but the beauty products listed above make up the basics of a good nightly skincare stash.

By finding out the right products and combination of products for your unique skin needs, you can wake up every morning with fresh, rejuvenated, and glowing skin.

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