Bagore Ki Haveli- The Wonder Of Udaipur

Bagore Ki Haveli is situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India at the bank of Lake Pachola. This 18th century Rajput magnum opus was constructed under the supervision of Amarchand Badwa. The original palace was built by Raj Singh II, Maharana Pratap Singh II, Hamir Singh and Ari Singh.

Bagore Ki Haveli also known as the palace of mirrors shows the royal craftsmanship of that era. The colorful walls, stunning glasswork and mural paintings of Mewar are going to definitely leave you awestruck.

The West Zone Cultural Centre has renovated the haveli into a museum. The Haveli with its old architectural style was renovated and a museum was set up within the complex. This museum has various items depicting the culture of Mewar. Like the typical Rajasthani mural paintings and the costumes of the royals and also includes modern art.

The Queen’s chamber in the palace is a must watch for visitors to look out for. The room has 2 peacock glassworks on the walls and is adorned by enthralling original paintings of Mewar. These peacocks are created with small pieces of colored glass. A huge turban is displayed in the turban section of the museum. The Haveli has beautifully sculpted 3 stories and the gateway arch was added later during the restoration of the palace.

This royal structure has more than 100 rooms with well-arranged balconies, terraces, courtyards and corridors. The museum is full of Rajput era items like jewellery boxes, hukkas, hand fans, dice game boards boards etc.

The most amazing attraction is the Bagore dance show locally called Dharohar. It is a real pleasure and a tradition of Rajasthan that you should never miss if you visit Udaipur. The show starts around 7pm in the terrace called the Neem Chowk. The terrace got its name as there is a Neem tree at the middle. It is a hour-long show. The balconies in Neem Chowk are beautifully lighted up for the show. The Dharohar dance festival depicts the rich Rajasthani culture through this regular affair.

Take a stroll inside the Haveli and enjoy the lifestyle of the royal family, their bath rooms, dressing rooms, bed rooms, living rooms, worship rooms and recreation rooms. Get transported to the past era by watching the performance of traditional dance and music of Rajasthan.

 Bagore Ki Haveli is the best place to explore the architecture of the royal palace. It is most visited place for families, history buffs, cultural experience seekers, photographers.

Visitor Information

  • Entry Fee: Rs 60 plus Rs 100 additional charges for camera
  • Visiting Time: Daily 10:00 am – 6:30 pm
  • Dharohar dance timings: Daily 7pm to 8pm

The best time to visit Udaipur is between November to January as there are frequent cultural activities during the winter months.

How to reach

The haveli is within 1.5 km radius of Udaipur centre. It is well connected by local buses, auto rickshaws and taxis. You can also choose the luxury trains like Palace on Wheels which is well connected to the Udaipur.

Traveller Tips

  • Visit the museum and see the old Rajasthani royal costumes, paintings, old musical instruments and artworks
  • Enjoy theatre and the famous show puppetry shows based on Rajasthani folk tales
  • Watch the spectacular sunset from the palace grounds
  • You can get handicrafts, souvenirs and other artworks as souvenirs.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jagdish temple is located within 0.1km of Bagore.
  • The Fateh Prakash Palace is 0.2 km from Bagore
  • Heritage House City place near jagdish temple is 0.2 km from Bagore
  • You can also visit Bada Mahal is in this area.

So, pack your bags and plan your trip to Udaipur and book the Palace on Wheels train to make the trip more memorable.

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