AIR – Home Automation At Its Best!

Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? With AIR Smart Home, which fits right into your existing scheme of things, your home gets instantly converted into a smart home. Yes instantly! With minimalistic efforts and great engineering, the control of your entire home is brought to your fingertips. An innovative product from the innovative team of Leaf Technologies sets the standard for the future home automation. AIR puts a heart in your home!

It’s an All Rounder

From efficiency to complete control to burglar alert, it has it all!

  1. Control over the appliances – You just need to command and it will be done. It lets you control all the appliances right from where you are and just from a simple app.
  2. Line up your tasks – You can line up regular tasks and AIR will perform it on time. So by the time you are back from a cold weather outside, it’ll have your house warmed up for you.
  3. Becomes a part of your life – AIR learns your habits and routines and behaves accordingly. It understands your schedule and keeps everything ready for you. It learns as it lives with you and become a part of you bringing your home closer to you.
  4. Intruder alert – AIR alerts you immediately on intrusion alarm by unknown entities. Thus breaking and entering and unauthorized entry will be the thing of the past.
  5. Child safety measures – Children often play around and unknowingly may touch switchboards or appliances which are dangerous. AIR lets you lock down such appliances and also the switchboards and make it safe for children to play around.
  6. Energy efficient and voltage spike protector – With unreliable voltage spikes and dims, AIR protects your gadgets and your home from such fluctuations. It itself uses least amount of power and also makes other appliances energy efficient. It switches off unused appliances, lights, fans, etc. and also prepares a energy consumption report weekly and monthly. It helps track energy usage of each gadget as well as overall power consumption. It helps manage ones power usage efficiently and wisely.

Parts of AIR

Despite its long list of uses and advantages, it has a very simple design and working. It comprises of following parts –

  • The main pentagonal AIR unit – It goes right up on your wall and is the central processing unit of this product. It hosts a range of sensors, wireless communication unit, etc. It coordinates all the tasks and has control over everything connected to it.
  • Small switchboard modules – These are limbs of the product. The main unit does all the tasks through switching modules. They are fitted behind your existing switchboards.
  • A smartphone app – This literally lets us control our home from anywhere in the world. It’s available on iOS as well as Android. The app connects to the main unit through the internet.

All these components make one homogenous device that pumps life in your home.

Smooth Working

What you get to see is just the end result i.e. your task completed. AIR works smoothly and is hardly noticeable while it’s working. It works in four simple steps.

  1. Set a task in your smartphone app.
  2. The app gives this message to the main AIR unit through the Leaf Cloud Network (The cloud and the main unit are linked through a router in your house).
  3. The main unit tells the switching modules to act.
  4. The modules act and perform the task.

And all this is through wireless communication. So there is no tangle of wires around the house.

Setting it up

Just take a quick lunch and by the time you finish your lunch in 30 minutes, AIR is installed and ready to use. It seems like within a snap of your finger your entire house is automated. Just like magic. No rewiring is needed. No reconstruction or breaking open the plaster of walls and switchboards is needed. Also one of the best features is that all the appliances are compatible with AIR. Even if you change homes, for two years the team handles the reinstallation for free. Wherever you go, you can take AIR with you.


AIR is an example of how easy, carefree and safe our lives can be made with technology. It is said that it is difficult for machines to learn as humans do. AIR makes it seem so simple! It is extremely difficult to get all features right and that too so many of them in just one product. But AIR gets it bang on target! An innovative piece like AIR will be the one to set the tone for the future.

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