7 Things To Know About Impaired Driving Charges

DUI cases are common these days because people have been paying less attention to the law. It doesn’t mean they are totally unaware of the rules; exuberance of youth is something that can never be stopped unless life teaches a lesson. For those who are too lucky to have escaped, DUI laws are quite serious in certain countries, especially the ones where drinking alcohol in public is not a crime.

If you think that the crime is not as severe as it is perceived, you’ll be surprised to know that almost 3 to 4 people die everyday in Canada due to accidents caused by impaired drivers. Therefore, the country pays keen attention to DUI cases and makes sure drivers remember the lesson for their entire life.

7 Things To Know About Impaired Driving Charges

The only way you can avoid DUI charge from violating your future is to hire a criminal lawyer Ottawa. You have every right to save yourself, so you can hire Celine Dostaler Lawyer who offers best service in town.

Here are some important things to consider while facing DUI case:

  1. Don’t Take it Lightly: Because of alarming stats, many countries have imposed strict restrictions on drinking while driving. Due to these efforts resulting in strict punishments, DUI cases have been reduced significantly. So, don’t think your case isn’t a serious one. Be prepared for the worst.
  1. Believe and Follow: Some lawyers enter guilty plea without digging deep in to the case. So, better find a Ottawacriminal lawyer who should consider each and every evidence to fight your case.
  1. Breath Test Results May Be Challenged: Lawyers are aware that law enforcement should follow strict guidelines while administering a breath test. Any mishandling in this regard can go in defendant’s favor. Your lawyer may challenge the validity of these tests and request to review the training manual and the equipment that was used to administer the test.
  1. Motion to Suppress Evidence: At times, the court considers technical issues related to DUI cases and dismiss them. For example:
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you are on special diet
  • If you have any health issue

The breath test results can be suppressed and the case becomes invalid.

  1. Details of Arrest Scene: The location of arrest is also important. You lawyer will ask you about the location and the things found by the law enforcement officers to charge you with DUI.
  1. Conviction Vs Pleading Guilty: Depending upon the nature of case, you could be subject to fines, court fees, probation, increased insurance rates, imprisonment, unemployment, license suspension or other consequences. In this way, you can make the best decision whether to fight or to plead guilty.
  1. During Trial: Your lawyer can present your case in a lot of ways. If you don’t testify, jury cannot do anything. Your DUI lawyer might cast doubt on the testimony of the officers who arrested you. He would do everything to save you.

So, if you’re charged with DUI, hire a good lawyer and trust in his abilities. Discuss everything in detail and take your decisions wisely.

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