7 Myths About Hair Extensions Debunked

Most women enjoy having long, lushy hair. However, not everyone has the same hair type. That is where Hair Extensions come into play. It helps customize your hair to imitate the ‘long hair look’. You might be scared about getting extensions due to the common myths surrounding them. However, they are just that. Myths! Let me debunk them here for you.

Myth#1 Uncomfortable to Wear

People usually say that Hair Extensions are painful and uncomfortable to wear. But it isn’t so. Hair Extensions are meant to blend with your natural hair. They are neither uncomfortable nor painful when you start wearing them. A professional stylist with experience will further reduce any chances along with giving you the perfect fit. However, if your scalp is sensitive, try out a few tracks first to test, if the extensions are right for you.

Myth#2 Damaging to Natural Hair

Most of the women are reluctant to wear Hair Extensions as they don’t want to damage their natural manes. But if you have got the right tracks of the right type with proper method of attachment, you don’t need to be worried of your locks. There is no reason for your hair to get damaged. Enjoy the extensions along with the natural beauty of your hair.

Myth#3 Prevents Hair from Growing

Getting Hair Extensions have no effect on the growth of your hair. They will keep on growing at their own natural speed. Actually, women go for hair extensions to keep the ‘long hair’ look while their natural hair catches up.

Myth# 4 Needs Special Maintenance

You don’t need to buy a special shampoo or conditioner for your extensions. Hair Extensions are very much similar to your natural locks. Wherever you may have heard, you don’t need a stylist every morning. Actually they are quite easy to manage. You just need to handle them a tad gently with a soft bristled brush and disentangle on a regular basis.

Myth# 5 Looks Fake

Hair Extensions will give your hair more volume and a luscious look to show off. Your hair will change in a big way with more beautiful and shiny quality to it. But it doesn’t mean it will look fake or just unnatural. They will go perfectly with your natural manes. You just need to get the right texture and color to match your original ones.

Myth# 6 All Extensions are Same

Not all Hair Extensions are same. There are different types of extensions available in the market in various color and texture. You can opt for chemically treated ones or even unprocessed or untreated hair extensions. There are varied options available, you just need to choose that suits and resembles your natural hair best.

Myth# 7 Can’t Wet Hair while Wearing Extensions

No, it isn’t true! You don’t need to stay away from the pool or wear a shower cap every time you came into contact with water. Believe it, your hair extensions won’t get any kind of reaction from water. So, be at ease, your natural hair or your hair extensions will remain their amazing and alluring self.

So, the myths are busted! Now you don’t have to refrain yourself from getting beautiful and stunning Hair Extensions. Go get them and rock your long and gorgeous hair.

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