5 Wonderful Ways To Bond With Your Baby

Parents love their babies more than anything in this world. They are always ready to do everything possible to take the best care of their baby. But baby care is not just about feeding, bathing, changing diapers and doing everything by book. You need to know how to effectively bond with your baby so that your baby will always feel the same way as you feel about him or her.

Here are 5 wonderful ways you can bond with your baby:

1. Eye-Contact and Talk with The Baby

Although newborns won’t understand everything you say, you should talk with the baby. Look into the eyes of the baby and talk like you are talking to a normal person. Making eye-contact is a great way to be familiar to the baby. And the combination of eye-contact and talking with the baby should be the best way to make a deep bond with the baby.

2. Pay Lots of Attention to Your Baby

The goal of paying attention is trying to understand what your baby is asking for. Every time your baby makes a sound or cries, try to understand what you can do for him or her. Sometimes, it is a sign of hunger, sometimes it’s a sign of the need for the diaper change and even it can be his or her desire to see you. When you go away from your baby, the baby can simply want to see you. So, make sure you respond quickly.

5 Wonderful Ways To Bond With Your Baby

3. Sleep with The Baby

In early days of a baby, you need to be with him or her all the time. A baby can sleep 18/19 hours a day and wake every couple of hours to eat. So, you need to sleep with the baby and wake up with the baby each time and feed him or her breast milk. Sleeping with the baby allows your baby to love your body scent, your soft touches, and everything. Thus, sleeping with the baby is one of the ways to build a bond with a baby.  

4. Massage Your Baby

Infant massage is a century old way to make a baby relaxed. It is a great way to reduce the stress of both you and your baby. It can increase blood circulation and relax his or her muscles. And more than anything else, it helps you create a special bond with the baby.

5. Get Dad Involved

Dads can take part and help you out with proper care of your baby. Dads can bathe, change the diaper, and cuddle your baby. They can burp after you breastfeed, sing, and talk in funny voices. Make sure both you and your husband work as a team to build a strong family bond in early days of your baby.

5 Wonderful Ways To Bond With Your Baby


As a parent, you should realize time flies fast and the wonderful early days of your baby pass. You might even forget many important milestones of your baby’s life like the first time he or she called you “Mom”, the first time he or she walked etc.

To make sure you don’t forget anything, read these best baby memory book reviews and have one. It allows you to keep track of everything.

Always give utmost priority to your baby’s safety. Know how to keep your baby safe at home. If you are still breastfeeding your baby, I highly recommend you to read this article on choosing a bottle to breastfeed your baby.

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