5 Rustic DIY Ideas For Your Home

Rustic is a style you can never go wrong with. One of the great things about it is that you can make most of the things yourself and they will still fit in greatly. No matter how much of a handyman you are, these are the projects you should be able to do.

Pallet Shoe Storage

Wooden pallets are a great material for such projects. One of the things you can make out of them is a shoe storage. All you will need is a two or three pallets and some tools. Cut the pallets in half and secure the parts one on the other in such a way there is enough place for shoes between them. Varnish all the wood to give the storage more style. You can also attach casters to the storage to make it more flexible.

Tire Ottoman

Once you change your tires you might struggle what to do with the old ones. You should not throw them away since these are big pollutants. What you can do instead is make an ottoman out of it. All you have to do is drill a couple of holes in the tire and attach round wooden planks to the both sides of it. Take a long piece of rope and cover both tire and wooden planks with it in circular motion. You will get a nice-looking ottoman with no sharp edges.

Pallet Coffee Table

We already mentioned pallets are a material you will face a lot in the projects like this. You will need only two pallets for the whole project. Take the planks form one of them and attach them in the holes between the planks on the other pallet. Once there are no more holes the only thing left to do is varnish the table to make it look better. Just like with the shoe storage, you can attach casters if you want to.

5 Rustic DIY Ideas For Your Home

Wooden Log Vases

Logs are perfectly shaped for vases. Just make sure you get in hold of one that can stand straight without any troubles. If you want to save yourself from carrying a heavy log around with you, make sure you take a look at sidchrome tool kits and get one for yourself. Take out the wooden part from the inside and make the log lighter. Make the whole big enough so that a standard jar can fit in it. Take the log home with you and the only thing left to do is put the jar with flowers in it.

Jar Light

Another great rustic project you can do is to make a light out old jars. All you will need are a couple of jars, wooden plank, some rope and light bulbs obviously. Drill the holes in the plank so that top of the jars can fit into it. Seal them and attach rope to the top of the plank. You should make some holes in the jar lids so the cables can go through into the jar. Attach the whole construction the ceiling, connect it to the power and you will have the most unique lighting in your kitchen or basement.

Never stop looking for new DIY furniture projects that will into your rustic style. The more you practice the more skilled you will become and you will be able to make anything you wish.

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