5 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Defence Lawyer

A criminal defence lawyer is needed for everyone who has been charged with criminal offence. A criminal defence lawyer is the one who knows about the criminal laws and help you to save from the criminal offenses. Most of the people failed to hire a professional criminal lawyer. If you didn’t hire a qualified lawyer to take up your case, then you are getting into more troubles. The criminal offences are considered as the serious issues and the court didn’t leave you anymore. You can also lose your future when you found as a guilty in the criminal case. So, take care in hiring the best criminal lawyer from the many criminal law firms Ottawa. Below are the five questions to ask every criminal defence lawyer:

  1. Ask his Successful Dealing Cases:

You should ask the criminal lawyer about his previous cases and know how many cases he had handled and know his successful rating in criminal field. You can also know that how long he can take up the case and did he get deal the case within the deadline. A good attorney always takes up the case within time and do not lagging it for many years. So, always know the attorney’s successful rate in dealing the criminal cases.

  1. What is his cost in dealing the criminal cases?

You need to know his fee of dealing the case because; most of the criminal lawyers are taking high fee for dealing the criminal cases. Some are taken fee in hourly basis and some are taking the fixed fee from their clients. Before going to hire an Ottawa criminal lawyer, you need to know his fee. You can hire an affordable criminal defence lawyer to take up your criminal case.

  1. Ask their Credentials?

Ask your criminal lawyer’s credentials and how much of experience in handling the criminal cases. If the lawyer answers your questions without any hesitation, then hire him. A professional lawyer does not hesitate to give answers to your questions and it is his responsibility to tell his credentials to the client.

  1. What are punishments you will get for the case?

The punishments are not same in all criminal offenses which is based on the severity of the offense. According to the criminal law firms Ottawa, most of the time the court will punish the felony with both penalties and jail. A criminal lawyer can estimate the punishments and try to reduce or remove the penalties. He will represent you well in the court and convenience the court to reduce the penalties.

  1. How many criminal trials they run?

Ask your lawyer to take your case as a trail. So, you can know how he handles the case and you have an idea about the lawyer.

These are the question to ask your criminal attorney to take up your case. Make sure that the Ottawa criminal lawyer should answer all of your questions without any hesitation. A criminal attorney is always give you the best advices about your case and represents you well in the court. You need not worry about anything when you hire a qualified criminal defence lawyer.

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