5 Captivating Crafts to Learn With Your Creative Pre-Teen

Young children love to get a little messy at times–especially your preteens. It’s starting to get a little warmer outside and the kids are going to be taking their fun outdoors. In the meantime, why don’t you try something indoors that can be a great bonding task for you and your children? Giving them the tools to create can open their mind to learn new skills.

Marbled Paper Card Making

Did you ever think you’d be making a fun party invitation card from Men’s Shaving Foam? Grab some Gillette from the store and get painting. You may get a little messy with this one.

DIY Lava Lamp

At this age, what pre-teen doesn’t want to be an individual set apart. They love small personal trinkets and large posters on the walls of their room. Instead, you can have your kids make themselves a lava lamp. This is surely something that none of their friends have.

Custom Card Creation

Handmade gift cards are welcomed by all. It shows an attention to detail and extra care for those you give a card to, be it for a Birthday Card, a Christmas Card or a Get Well Soon card. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are downloadable files you can use to print out graphics onto a sheet of paper that can be cut to create beautiful shapes and amazingly unique shapes. There are even printers that can do all of it for you.

The best part, is these can be used for home decor and many other crafts as well. Once you get a Valentine’s or Christmas SVG file that you like you can use it with your Cricut to add depth and personalized projects. Home-made crafts make great gifts and cards that will be remembered fondly.

Painting those Spare Wooden Blocks

Go grab a chunk of wood from your wood pile. With your kids, you can show them how sanding down wood works. Teach them why you prime wood and when it dries, give them something to paint. Consider an image or phrase, such as “Mikey’s Place”, or “The Tea Room”.

Sleepover Gifts

If you have a child who loves to have their friends spend the night, consider having them make a party gift in appreciation for their friends. Who isn’t the favorite when they show up with snacks? You can make nameplates for your friends using a fun paper pad and alphabet stickers. You can decorate your dining room table with cut outs and home-made banners from the same paper pads.

All that there is left to do is to get up and get going. You can do it. Your children will love you for the excitement you bring into their lives and you can feel proud of the crafts you’ve completed together just as much as they can.

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