4 Ways Electricians Can Make Your Electrical Wiring Safer

When it comes to the electricity in your home, you may not think too often about how dangerous it can be. In fact, most don’t ever think about the danger until a disaster strikes. To help ensure that doesn’t happen at your home, here are four things that your electrician can do to make your home’s electrical wiring safer.

Tamper-Proof Outlets

Your home’s outlets, also referred to as receptacles, can be a place where electrocution can occur. To help make your outlets safer to use, have your electrician install tamper-proof outlets. These receptacles have spring-loaded shutters that close to protect access to the metal contacts that hold power when there is nothing plugged into the outlet.

Ensure Electric Enclosures Are Properly Sealed

There are various electrical enclosures around your home. Anywhere there is access to water, such as in wet rooms, the basement, or the exterior of your home can be susceptible to electrical problems. A trained electrician can use a silicone sponge sheet to cut out the perfect gasket size to seal off those electric enclosures. This way, there is no debris or water that can access the enclosure and cause damage.

Have Exposed Wires Covered

We’re not talking about the actual metal in the wiring being exposed, although you should definitely be calling in an electrician to help with that. Rather, you should call in your local electrician to help with covering up any wiring that is openly stapled in your home. Adding a layer of conduit or moving exposed wires into the walls can help to keep them away from any potential accidental damage when regularly moving around your home.

Rewire Knob and Tube Wiring

If your home has the old knob and tube wiring setup, it can fail at any time. The cloth that was sheathed over the wire has been known to get hard and crack over time. this leaves exposed wires that can be a real fire hazard. Having your home rewired with new plastic or rubber-coated wires can help to drastically reduce your risk of having an electrical fire in your home.

Getting the help of a local electrician is something that almost every homeowner has to do at one time or another. The above four scenarios are times when you should be calling in your electrician to assist in making your home a safer place. Remember that when it comes to your home’s electrical system, you should be extremely careful with trying to do any repairs on your own.

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