4 Misconceptions That Might Be Stopping You from Adopting Salesforce

Many companies and organisations are steadily adopting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software globally. For most of these companies, Salesforce serves as the ideal platform, especially at the elementary stages. While many people gladly opt for this CRM owing to its stable reputation, some are reluctant based on their own reasons, most of which are not true. If you are new to Salesforce and not certain of what to believe, starting by ignoring the following myths would be an ideal step.

It is only for tracking sales

By simply considering the name, one might be led into believing that Salesforce is all about tracking sales and nothing more. Well, this might not be far from the truth. Initially, Salesforce started as a Customer Relationship Manager for those in sales department. However, the current Salesforce ecosystem is highly robust and is therefore applicable in streamlining various aspects of business. Its applicability cuts across nearly all departments. In future, we can only expect the role of Salesforce in managing day-to-day activities to grow. So if you are wondering whether Salesforce can help you in other aspects of business, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’

It’s complicated and reserved for technocrats

One thing that puts off people when it comes to adoption of CRM and ERP software is the learning curve. This is mostly evident in people who believe themselves not to be so much tech-savvy. When they hear about Salesforce DX and other software development practices, they jump into conclusions without getting to the fine prints. It is important to note that Salesforce considers user experience an integral part of their system. As such, you do not need to be a tech guru to adopt its software.

It is off my limits moneywise

It is true that budgeting plays an integral role in the overall success of a company, whether it is a huge or middle-level enterprise. However, one should clearly know when to spend money and when not to. Integrating Salesforce enhances enterprise resource planning, lowering operation costs and improving productivity. Even if sounds costly inthe initial stages, you will end up saving more eventually. In fact, in many cases you will end up spending less money that you actually through it would cost!

My business model is not for Salesforce

It is an indisputable fact that no two separate businesses are run exactly the same way. Salesforce has that in mind, right from the onset. That is why it adopted an easily customizable platform. Depending on your business process, you can modify the platform to suit your needs. Even better, the presence and easy accessibility of AppExchange feature enables you to look for application that will help you further with the customization process. In the end, you will have a ready platform, perfectly suited for your business.

Salesforce is redefining the CRM software. Several companies already have amazingsuccess stories associated with proper adoption of Salesforce. Instead of focusing on all the false beliefs about Salesforce, you should look up to these success stories and strive to be part of them.

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