4 Ideas To Decorate Your Place With Floor Jars

Flower vases are broadly used for interior decoration. Whether it is your home or a working establishment, vases create an additional charm to the overall view of the place. They are made of different materials such as glass, ceramic or paper waste. Color, design, and size vary from product to product and equally depend on manufacturers.

Ceramic flower vases are trending and picking up the market because of their elegance. There are numerous decorative floor vases available in the market. It is easier to pick one of your choices if you look into the vast collection of vases available in online store. Whether it is a private place or public, whether it is pool side or your garden, these lovely ceramic floor vases can enhance the look no matter whichever the place is.

Often when it comes to selecting an appropriate flower vase for a particular location, you get puzzled as you have to pick one from the vast variety of the jars. It makes sense; making up mind for one out of many is difficult. But how about getting some tips to clear the confusion? Here are the ideas about floor vases that can help you out to decide:


Colors contrast of the vases give a finishing touch to your place, choose them wisely. You can go for the transparent ones but getting a plain with a solid color can give an incredible view. If the walls have light shade, you can choose bright colors. Ceramic vases can fit any corner or center of the room. If you like something more colorful, you can go for the printed ones. Hand painted, and clay designs are evergreen and put a glamorous touch to the interior.

Pick a style

Jars are available in many styles and shapes. You can find sleek ones to curved alluring vases. Some of them are also available with the sculptural themes such as the forms of humans, animals, and many other shapes. Many of you love artistic touch in the vase that looks like an antique. The range of the floor vases varies for a garden, modern interior, and classic interior. Get a unique style to give your place an extravagant look.

Decide the size

Size can be one of the most important factors that mostly depends on the area. Sizes of the vases change according to the area where you are planning to put it. Office, drawing room, kids room, garden, need a jar that fits as per the size of the property. It might look unfair if you put a small pot on the floor. But a group of small jars in the corner or the center of the floor can be attractive. It is better to yield to bigger vases if you want voluminous look based on the level.

Placing them on the floor

Most people put the flower vases on a table or a dresser. You must know that putting them on the floor is never outdated. Just ensure that your jars are big enough to be appealing. If you like small or medium size on the floor, you can arrange them in a row with long stems of beautiful plants or flowers. You can also use dry decor material or bamboo sticks for the large, tall jars.

Selecting the content for the small vases is easy. But, large vases need something extraordinary as they are themselves enough eye-catchy. You can be creative with unusual ideas by arranging them in a different manner or by choosing glittering colors. Floor jars are best when you want to improve exterior look as well. You can find several sizes and designs at the online store of Royaldutchceramics.com.

Do not forget to maintain their cleanliness and to manage their delicate body while moving or cleaning them up. You can get your dream decor look by following these easy ideas of floor vases.

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