Benefits Of Using Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary airlock values are also known as rotary valves and rotary airlock. They help in providing an airlock seal by providing an increased pressure which helps on air locking the different product conveying transitions.

In any manufacturing process it is very important to maintain a robust seal so that there is no lose air and pressure, this can only be guaranteed if there is a robust seal. Hence the rotary airlock valve helps in providing that much needed seal.

Rotary Airlock Valve India is engaged in providing airlock values in both Indian and abroad which is used in both industrial as well as agricultural manufacturing process. They have all the know how in regards to the design and manufacturing process of made to order rotary airlock products that are sure short guaranteed and analysed by the team of quality analyst in regards to safety, reliability and efficiency.

Benefits Of Using Rotary Airlock Valve

Why choose a Rotary Airlock Valve India?

In order to manufacture quality rotary airlock value it is vital to understand clearly temperature, pressure, size and construction. Only then it is possible to produce a custom made value which helps in doing exactly that which it is used for. Each airlock is provided with an innovative larger vane pocket design whose main function is to enable 50% more volume which helps in running at lower speed; these can be combined with the packing glands which accentuate the air leakage safety thus resulting in a longer life without any extensive maintenance and leads to higher profitability.

Functionality Of Rotary Airlock Valve

How to choose a suitable Rotary Airlock Valve India

Following are few of the factors which affect the kind of Rotary Airlock feeder to be used

  • The dimension and dislodgment which is required
  • The valve’s envisioned function (airlock, feeder, or both)
  • Pressure and temperature needed depending on the application
  • The features of the product in question

Types of Rotary Airlock Valve India

  • Angle of Repose rotary Feeders
  • Rotary airlock feeders
  • Blow-thru rotary airlock feeder
  • Easy clean rotary feeder
  • Filter valve
  • Knife rotary feeder

Following are the things to be kept in mind while installing a Rotary airlock valve

  • A rotary valve which is being used  as an airlock should have lower fill competence than a valve which is being used as a feeder.
  • A rotary valve which is being used as an airlock should wear out quicker than a valve is being as a feeder.
  • Any rotary valves which is being as an airlock leak air and the capacity of leakage is directly proportional to the pressure change transversely the airlock.
  • All kind of Airlock leakage is in no way related to  how fast the airlock is operating.

Rotary valve is a very vital part and can affect the manufacturing process in a very big way. Therefore it is advisable to procure the Rotary airlock valve from a reputed vendor who has many years of experience in the process of manufacturing Rotary airlock valve and is well aware of all the precautions which must be undertaken while manufacturing it. Even a small defect can lead to loads of losses.

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